Magento and Shopify are the most popular internet commerce solutions that are designed for online store owners. These platforms can maximize your sales, however, both of them have several pros and cons. Let’s compare the capabilities of Shopify and Magento and decide, which platform better reflects your needs.


Magento Vs Shopify: Competitive Analysis

Magento is a CMS platform used by trendy and highly-competitive online shops. There are two versions of this platform on the market:

  • Community (free version);
  • Enterprise (paid version).

Magento offers various templates for its users, but it won’t be easy to set up and customize them yourself. You will require plenty of time to configure the store, as it is rather resource-intensive. To install it, you will have to contact the developers, because the entry threshold is quite high.

Also, you will require your own hosting and domain for installation. Whether you are planning to launch a shop with a large database of goods — you will need a powerful hosting that can handle this amount of information.

Shopify is a convenient and easy-to-use internet commerce platform. It is a top-leader in internet commerce for small and medium businesses. Along with the 14-day trial version, Shopify offers to users four different options:

  • Basic Plan;
  • Shopify Plan;
  • Advanced Plan;
  • Shopify Plus Plan.

Shopify is a SaaS platform. You don’t have to think about your own hosting, domain, and security — this is all Shopify’s concern. This platform has round-the-clock customer support by phone, email, and chat.

There are 63+ adaptive templates on the official website, but most of them are paid. To start, 10 free themes are made in the up-to-date design, configured for various gadgets, and supported by the developers.

There are also approximately 2,300 free and paid apps available for Shopify. By working with them, you can boost the functionality of the shop without much effort.


What Is Better for Your Business?

One of the key criteria for working with platforms is the ease of use. To get high results, you must have a good understanding of how to work with the admin panel, create products, text pages, manage sales, and delivery. In this regard, Shopify is the best option.

The issue of the payment system is also one of the most important things that affect the final choice of an Internet commerce platform. Magento offers a wide range of payment systems, which makes it possible to reach a wider audience, which makes it a convenient option.

Finally, both platforms have their supporters and haters. Think about your own priorities and enjoy the result. Good luck!

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