Are you thinking about starting your own business? Online commerce is suitable for those who are starting their path as entrepreneurs, as well as for those who already have business experience. If you have already decided on the assortment and name of your future store, it is time to create the website and proceed to selling goods.


Top-3 Tips for Configuring Your Online Store

There are millions of online stores. Some of them simultaneously sell thousands of items for completely different purposes, while others specialize in selling the only product. Your task is not to copy any of the familiar platforms, but to create your own unique website for selling goods. We believe that these recommendations will come in handy:

1) Choose a convenient platform

Platforms for online stores can be classified by two criteria: technical type and conditions of use. According to the technical type, there are CMS or SaaS platforms. CMS is flexible, scalable, and has unlimited customization options. For example, users can change the design, technical parameters of the site, and configure SEO. When using a CMS, the store owner has to spend money:

  •  On a paid template or designer services.
  • On additional modules or services of programmers.
  • On the adaptation of CMS to regional requirements.

SaaS platforms work differently. They provide the store owner with a ready-made platform for trade. It is enough for a businessman to choose the design of the store, indicate the goods, and attract customers. The performance of the project, including backup, page loading speed, compliance with search engine requirements, payment aggregators, and delivery services, is configured by the SaaS platform.

Besides, most platforms will assist you in the development of mobile versions like the Shopify app development solution.

2) Create a pleasant design

Before determining the design of the future online store, it is necessary to analyze the tastes of your target audience. It is worth understanding that if the online store will sell any specialized goods, then its audience will be quite specific. Therefore, the design must correspond to its wishes. If the store sells consumer goods such as food, the design of the site should be universal to please both men and women of all ages.

3) Make sure it is useful for customers

Typically, online stores contain many pages. If the usability of the site is poor, it threatens the user and the site owner. The online platform should be intuitive and easy to use. Every Internet user is already accustomed to certain navigation. He knows that the contacts section is most often located in the upper right corner, and the site menu — in the upper left corner. Usability is very important for the site and, as a result, for the convenience of the visitor. It must be clear to him at a glance where to click to find the necessary info.


In Conclusion

As soon as there are enough orders in your store to recoup the costs of promotion and order processing, we can congratulate you since the most difficult stage has already passed. Now you can already say that your store is a working business. As with any business, you need to monitor and control its performance. To further expand promotion channels, try new tools, and improve the efficiency of the existing channels — just use analytics. Good luck!

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